Kitesurfing in Dubai is one of the latest, most extreme water sports to hit Dubai beaches. It is a cross between wakeboarding and parachuting. Kitesurfing is one of the fastest growing water sports in the United Arab Emirates stunning coastlines. Besides the speed you can get with your kite and board, the power and lift of the kite enables the rider to perform breath taking jumps with acrobatic loops and spins 20 feet above the water!

The numbers of kite surfers is rapidly growing every month as the sport’s profile grows. Join this adrenaline pumping sport and be part of the Kitesurfing family at Dubai Kite Beach.

DuKite is the leading Kitesurf school in Dubai since 2005. Together with our experienced IKO certified instructors you will feel comfortable learning how to kitesurf with us.

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We specialize in Kitesurfing kite repair and have done hundreds of them. We also repair your foil land kite, boards (carbon fiber, epoxy, foam), bags, and wetsuits.