Learn to SUP or take your paddling to the next level with instructor and performance coach, Nic Muhl

What Should I Expect?!

All lessons start with a systematic active warm-up at the beach, Instructors focus on teaching the finer aspects on theory, weather assessment, beach hazards, self- launching, self-rescue, posture, balance, endurance, equipment advice, basic water rescue, critical decision making, and etiquette, emphasis on safety. Students practice all the fundamentals of paddle and stroke technique, posture and balance, and form on dry land after that comes the sea assessment and prepares all students for the real thing! THEN… it’s all in the water from there.


- Single private SUP lesson 1 hour AED 250

- Single private SUP lesson 2 hour AED 450

- Group private SUP lesson (3 or more people) 1 hour AED 200 x person

- Couple private SUP lesson (30 min. with instructor + 30 min rental) 1 hour AED 150 x person

Meet up point is in the Dukite Shop in Fish Harbour, Al Souq.